Wednesday, 1 June 2011

To Start as I Mean to Go On

My first blog post - where to start?

Since this is going to be primarily an art/animation blog, I think I'll start by posting a link to my latest short film, Real Vampires:

This was my third year personal project in IADT, and took roughly 12 weeks to complete. The characters were animated in Flash using the brush tool (no lines), with different sections of the character on different layers, in a similar fashion to ye olde cel animation.
The backgrounds were made in photoshop, using a mix of painting, my own photography, warping stock images, and layering textures. Many of the backgrounds incorporated elements from the scenery in Nosferatu (1922) ~ which is now, of course, in the public domain (which is why the titular character - also known as Count Orlok/Orlock - can appear in my film).
Everything was then composited using After Effects, one of my favourite programs - AE just gets me, ya know?

I'll be posting some of my favourite sketches and background designs here for viewing by the curious/foolish among you.

Fun Fact:
(Well, I think it's fun) 

The voices were provided by three of my friends and classmates ~ the older girls were voiced by Niall and Lee, who are in fact not women at all. Jess, who provides the voice of Claudia, was the only female cast member.
A big thank you to all three for some great performances!

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