Friday, 10 June 2011

Early Concept Artwork

So, I've been dreaming up ideas for my fourth year film - the big one, as they say.
I won't reveal too much yet (not least because so much is subject to change), but I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at some early concept artwork:

This was me trying to get the style of the setting down. It's a mock magazine cover, based on the covers of Vogue from the 1920's. 
I plan on making several of these for use in a background, where they'll be stuck onto a wall.

Here are some sketches of flapper girls - kind of rough colour tests. (Old-white features quite a bit in the colour palettes).
For these, I looked at lots of Hollywood starlets from the pre-colour era - (these girls were mainly inspired by Clara Bow and a young Angela Lansbury).

Hopefully I'll have some more early concepts to show soon.


  1. I love where this is going :)

  2. These are looking very very nice kate *thumbs up* see the * * means im doing it in real life woo aww ..... .. ..