Friday, 24 June 2011

Commissions: Mini Characters

Recently I've been in a sort of an art-slump - it's not that I have nothing I want to draw, rather too much! I don't know what to do first: there's so many ideas bouncing around my head,  bashing into eachother, it makes it difficult to concentrate for extended periods...

These mini characters were done as special freebies - a different person chose each one- to kick-start my commissions. They helped to give me some focus:

The characters come from a variety of places, from left to right:
- Freddy of Nightmare on Elm Street fame
- The eponymous hero of Disney's Pinocchio
- Madoka from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
- Mr. Teatime from the Discworld novel, Hogfather (not the mini-series, where his glass eye is black).
- Riella, an original character created by a friend of mine, Leah Reddington.
- Ahiru (Duck) from Princess Tutu
- Finnbarge the talking boat, from a film by another friend of mine, Joe Loftus.
   Watch it here: To The Edge With Finnbarge

- A few of the characters' series were unfamiliar to me before this, and I had never drawn most of the ones I was familiar with, so it was a very interesting exercise!

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