Sunday, 23 October 2011

Alva's Magic Wand

An atmosphere sketch for my film.  
As you can see, I wasn't lying when I said things had changed! It still features Alva, just much younger than she was originally. 

This is part of an action sequence - I drew inspiration (on the recommendation of Gemma and Craig) from the wonderfully absurd special moves from videogames and cartoons of our youth.  I was thinking of something mixing magical-girl style flashiness with over-the-top action, and we began  discussing shots of the world from space, where a flash of light soars out into the universe. 
My favourite of these was the complete ridiculousness of FFVIII's Blasting Zone

Apologies for the grainy quality, but it was on the PSone.

Also, here's a sketch of an angry flying panda
Researching for my strange critters, I came across the awesome art of Aaron Martin, aka Angry Woebot, who as it turns out, specializes in disgruntled pandas.

One of my favourite pieces by him.
Check him out here:

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