Sunday, 14 August 2011

Film Concept Art

I've been doing some more early sketches for my 4th year film:

I am getting closer to the look I want for the film, and nailing down how the main players will look.

Designs of trees:

These trees are based on the art nouveau style to fit with the general period of the piece. 

Some sketches of my main character, Alva:

Alva is a kind of goofy character, not very elegant, with big expressions. 

Test designs of supporting characters

"The Fairy Queene":
The Queen of the fairies needed to be a contrast to Alva, very refined and regal.
Since earlier sketches, I've pared her features down, giving her less wild expressions than other characters.

A pixie/imp:

This character is very small, but I didn't want him to be too cutesy, because that wouldn't fit with his cheeky, somewhat abrasive demeanor. I think he came out looking a tad like a scruffier cousin of the Rice Krispies elves...

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